Medical Journal with an impact-Oncotarget

Cancer has been an epidemic disease affecting thousands of people across the world. Researchers, as well as a medical experts, have been carrying out different studies and research to determine the course as well as the best treatment for the diseases. These researchers have led to the foundation of a journal known as Oncotarget which has become popular to not only the medical experts and scientific research hers but also to the individuals who are affected as well as infected by the disease; cancer. The medical journal published in English, the publishing is done on a weekly basis and it is free for the purpose of quick access.

Oncotarget was first published in 2010 by Impact Journal. Since its foundation it has been expanding tremendously with it being published in other media platforms including; Face book, Twitter, Google, as well as Dove Press. Nevertheless, the journal does not only deal with cancer and oncology but it has also expanded its studies to other areas including aging among others. Since its creation, it has grown to be the most famous scientific and medical paper in the world. Oncotarget is led by top research hers in the world and has the most experienced chief editors who include; Mikhail Blagosklonny, and Andrei V. Gudkov who are both professors at Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

Oncotarget was primarily founded with the purpose of delivering scientific research without any obstacle between various medical fields. It does not only researchers and publishes mainly on cancer as well as other medical fields which cancer affect. Over the years the Oncotarget management has been encouraging their publishers to expand their articles and study on other medical areas including; metabolism, microbiology, aging, neuroscience, pharmacology, molecular biology, and cardiology. The editors, as well as publishers, are advised to use strict rules and regulations which are set by COPE’s. The journal is publicly available to the world this has assisted cancer patients as well as their families to read and have knowledge on the diseases. The publisher’s articles have to go through a before it is published on Oncotarget site. The articles have to go through the editors and finally the chief editors who make the final decision about the article. The good thing about Oncotarget is that the scientists can view their work and how far it has gone before it is published. Over the years it has been known to be most efficient medical journal across the world.