Sahm Adriangi Effort to Start the Kerrisdale Capital Management Company

Sahm Adrangi is the founder and Chief Investment Officer at Kerrisdale Capital Management. He started the company alone in 2009 with $ 1 million, but now it is a $150 million company. He has strived to build the company to the success it holds currently. Kerrisdale Capital Management Company deals with selling and publishing research findings. It shares its research on the website and twitter.

Sahm Adrangi Achievement

The journey to success for Sahm Adrangi has been hard. He first became famous after revealing the corrupt companies in China. He exposed China Education Alliance and China Cast Education corp that was stealing money. He focused on sectors dealing with biotechnology, mining, and telecommunication to expose their weaknesses. Sahm Adrangi is an activist, and a speaker at conferences. Bloomberg interviewed him and featured him in New York Times.

Kerrisdale Negative Report on Proteostasis Therapeutics Inc.

Proteostasis had announced to form a committee comprising experts to develop a global phase 3 development program for cystic fibrosis drug PTI-428. According to Kerrisdale research, Cystic Fibrosis drug was going to be ineffective and eventually fail. The Kerrisdale team believed that Proteostasis had negative data about the drug, but they were hiding the truth from the public.

A negative Report on St Joe Company

St Joe Company which is a real estate company had promised to transform the swampy area near Panama beach city into a business center for retirees. But the investors have been investing in the project for the last fifty years, but there is no tangible investment progress. Kerrisdale capital investment feels assumptions made by St Joe Company are wrong, and why is the project taking so long to start? A lot of question marks raised against the relationship between St Joe and Fairholme Company.

Sahm Adrangi and the Negative Report on Bleak Kodak

Adriangi does not trust Eastman Kodak Company. It is in partnership with WENN Digital Inc. and Appcoin which have a dubious history of fraudulence. He believes that the union will not save the company but fail it completely.

Sahm Adriangi has been a good role model in fighting against atrocities committed by the investors. He has been on the forefront to expose them without fear of favor. Our leader should emulate his stance.

Talk Fusion Uses WebRTC Technology To Revolutionize Email Marketing

Talk Fusion is giving businesses a peek into the future with its WebRTC powered video email. At a time when video conferencing and instant, face-to-face communication is all the rage, Talk Fusion has combined its emerging WebRTC browser-based video calling technology with email to create a dynamic new communication medium. It allows for direct marketing using the company’s video email messaging service. People can send videos across many devices and they can be viewed through an email account. Talk Fusion video email is revolutionizing email and transforming it into something that can be used for live conversations.


Through its marriage of WebRTC technology and email, Talk Fusion is able to offer video calling, group video meetings and video newsletters and forms through its video email technology. It can operates as part of a multi-level marketing program, allowing paying clients to earn commission when they generate sales using the video app. It’s Talk Fusion’s WebRTC technology that powers the video newsletters and emails. With WebRTC people and companies receiving video emails don’t have to have the Talk Fusion apps to play the videos. Any web browser can play the videos and even host live video calls with no need for downloads or plugins.


WebRTC or Real-Time Communication is simply an agreement between the major browser owners allowing them to share common codes that give the public access to their background programming. Talk Fusion accesses video and audio capabilities that are built into the browser and uses it to launch their video calling and other multimedia. You can watch the video message from Talk Fusion instantly and use WebRTC to speak to the person that sent it via a direct video portal. Anyone with basic knowledge of JavaScript can create a WebRTC portal and embed within the text a ‘call now’ link. Don’t know JavaScript? Simply use Appear, Talky or other free professional WebRTC apps.


Talk Fusion is a Brandon, Florida based direct sales company founded in 2007 by CEO Bob Reina. The company offers products for video conferencing, social networking and broadcasting. Talk Fusion is a world leader when it comes to video marketing solutions. The company can change lives and help businesses to grow using their proprietary, patent-pending video technology. Its innovative products are available in over 140 countries through its independent marketing associates. Talk Fusion gives generously to communities in need, charities and animal rescue and support organizations. Learn more:


Mike Baur Explains Three Things Entrepreneurs Need To Know

Mike Baur is a man with dreams for making Switzerland a nation of startups that go throughout the world changing the status quo of the business world. He’s started making this happen by funding startups at his company, the Swiss Startup Factory. But like every other entrepreneur who has built a reputation investing in businesses, Baur believes you need to know three things before setting out to launch a business.


He believes first that it’s up to you to do the ground work to make it happen. Entrepreneurs have to not only get their business idea ready to go; they need to be actively looking for investors and creating opportunities to make the business happen. Second, entrepreneurs should realize nothing will stay the same in business and have a plan to adapt when changes come. No matter how innovative you consider yourself to be, someone is always going to find a way to do things differently and you need to understand when that could affect you. Baur even said that one reason Switzerlnd’s banks have had struggles recently has been their failure to adapt to brand new banking. And finally Baur says entrepreneurs have to be willing to take risks of some sort because fear of failure will get you nowhere.


Mike Baur loves what he does not only because he gets a chance to be in contact with a lot of young people and hear their enthusiasm for starting up businesses, but also because it’s been a huge change of pace from his last job in banking. Baur was very good at crunching numbers and managing accounts at two of Switzerland’s most reputable banks and had planned to spend his entire professional career in banking. He learned the profession as an apprentice at UBS Bank and was promoted several times there. He was a senior advisor for Clariden Leu for several years as well, but the aftermath of the 2008 recession changed a lot of the banking industry, so much so that Baur decided to leave it.


Mike Baur knew he could make investing in startups effective if he brought them from concept to live operation in a quick time, and if he had the right partner network built. He and Max Meister teamed up with several firms to start the program including CTI and Helvetia, and recently they brought Red Bull Media on-board to their marketing team. The Swiss Startup Factory takes in applicants from all over the world and brings them through a three month program prior to taking them online.


Goettl Air Conditioning Revives Itself From A Dire Position

Goettl Air Conditioning was established in 1932 by two brothers Gust and Adam in the desert communities of the Southwestern areas of the United States. The company introduced the refrigerated air conditioning system and the evaporative cooling technology that revolutionized how people lived in that area.

There is no doubt that these technologies had a great influence on the population expansion in the desert communities in Arizona and Nevada because people could keep cool in the summertime. Goettl has worked with several generations of families who have come to respect them for their outstanding customer service and fair pricing policies.

Although the company has changed hands over the years, most of the different ownerships have attempted to continue the fine Goettl traditions of how customers are treated and serviced. However in the late nineties, the company was sold to a large national management firm and conditions started to go downhill very rapidly.

Customers were really up in arms regarding service and the employees’ morale was at an all-time low due to the inability to service customers in a proper manner.

Ken Goodrich, who had made a career of purchasing failing companies, and then bringing them back into profitable status purchased the company in 2013. He saw the problems and hoped to right the wrongs and bring things back into order. Even he, however did not anticipate the depth of the issues that faced the uphill battle. Check out to see more.

There was the lawsuit that resulted from prior shady business practices, and then there was an army of disgruntled and angry customers. Employees were unable to properly service customers due to lack of help from the management company. Goodrich jumped right into the fray and settled the lawsuit, then he met with customers and employees on an individual basis and settled thing one problem at a time. Visit his Vimeo account to know more.

Before long the company was showing profits again, customers were getting the idea that Goodrich was for real and employees were getting excited again about the company’s future. By this time annual revenues were up around $50 million.

According to BizJouornals, the one strategic move that helped the process a lot was the acquisition of Walton’s Heating and Air located in Southern California. The California connection had always been involved with commercial HVAC and Goettl in the Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas locations had worked in the residential markets. Combining the two forces complemented each side and made the whole company stronger.

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George Soros; Take Back Power from Donald Trump

George Soros was accompanied by his fellow rich and liberal billionaires who were at the top of the notch to support the democratic members of the government vying for election seats. In the end, you would not think that working for business would get you any better than what the government offers you. Whatever you get from the government concerning good governance affects your business work and job adversely. Good governance, as George Soros proudly advocates it in numerous press releases as well as video coverage, is the reason why he was united with the rich liberals to elect Hillary Clinton and other Democrats.George Soros arranged for a meeting with the rich liberals who issued their money to fund the democratic alliance to secure the best posts in the general elections. He also gathered the rich liberals to ensure they develop a plan to take down Donald Trump from power because he stands for what the modern society wants. He is the only person in the arena who does not anticipate better business solutions for those of lower ranks in society.

The people gathered for a three-day meeting at the Washington Hotel to work on another plan to subdue Donald Trump to reshape the modern regime.The conferenced that saw many liberals in attendance was kicked off by Saturday at the Washington-based Mandarian Oriental Hotel right after the general elections were announced. The meeting was to be backed by more members as it progressed from various Democratic unions across the United States to formulate a new plan to set up the Donald Trump rule on fire. While they were on with the allegations, few people knew they wanted such a person in power. George Soros is convinced that the people need more than what they get from Donald trump. In fact, the best president would have been Hillary Clinton. However, he did not anticipate for a worse day that his loss in the general election.

This was the first major meeting since Trump won the United States Election in a major victory. While this election had its side implications, the warfare from the liberal plans against Donald Trump administration would work to enlist a better result in the eyes of many. While many sessions are gearing up for the 2018 post-election fever, others are working to thwart the focus of bad governance coming from the side of Donald Trump.The meeting also came at a time the rich liberals developed a new assessment to the political approach. The Democratic Alliance, on the other hand, formulated a deal to assimilate proper use of state funds that can land Donald Trump in the wrong hands. While Donald Trump remains to be the next President of the United States, he will face many challenges in his governance.

Fixing a Broken System

The Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos, has her hands full trying to fix a system that has been on the declined for decades. With broken school system, student loan debts rising, innovation in schools not being taught. There are many problems that plague the educational system in America.However, Betsy Devos has been working long and hard trying to fix this problem for years and seems to have a plan that can reverse this very devastating problem. The crippling educational system is by all means very devastating and this outlook is not a hyperbole.The student loan debt has reached 1.3 trillion dollars. WIth our national debt increasing at a meteoric rate every day, the country will soon sink into a debt that it will not possibly ever being able to pay back.

However, the student loan debt can be handled and managed much better. Betsy Devos has come up with a plan, which is also continuing with the Obama plan, that will bring much of the federal student loans under one building and power. This will make handling and manage the federal student loans more efficacious for the government.In addition to helping out the many college students and graduates who have been plagued with student loans, she, along with her organization, has been continuing what she has been doing prior to taking office, reaching out to many schools across the nation and holding town hall-esque meetings to start up dialogues to .A major problem with the educational system today is that students are no longer taught how to think outside the box or how to be innovative. This lack of growth learning in schools has greatly deteriorated the schools across the nation.

This should come as no surprise as certain fields of study, like math and science, has greatly slipped over the past few decades. The notion of instilling a growth mindset in students across the nation is without a di]oubt one of the best message she has expressed thus far.Our children’s’ future depends on them having a good education and likewise, our nations future depends on having intelligent people. For years the education of the nation has loweerd. It is about time that we raise the bat]r and bring the nation’s intelligence back to its former glory.A nation that is intelligent and that knows how to think outside the box is how our nation has become so influential throughout the world. It is time we go back to that way of thinking.

Ways Logan Stout And IdLife Have Taken Over The Supplement Market

From a young age, Logan Stout was always interested in sports, specifically baseball and basketball. Logan grew up in Richardson Texas where he attended JJ Pearce High school. In high school, Logan was a member of the Student Athletic Council and played for both the varsity baseball and basketball teams. Logan attended college in Panola where he got a business degree and later went to the University of Dallas to attain his psychology degree. While I n college he received several baseball award titles. After completing college, Logan played for the Fort Worth Cats.

Logan Stout still enjoys playing baseball and offers mentorship to young player in need of coaching and skills to improve their abilities. Through his sense of helping young players, he formed the Dallas Patriots among the largest baseball organizations globally. The group aims to offer training to all interested players by giving private classes, sports campus, and sports clinic for the interested parties. The organization also provides volunteering opportunities to those willing.

Due to his drive to the attainment of physical health, Logan founded a health care company, ID Life in 204. The company produces several products that aid in achieving physical health. Through his driven mind Logan has managed to become a successful entrepreneur who features in interviews, motivational speeches. He has also written a book entailing strategies he has implemented all his life to become the success he is today.

ID Life is a health organization that offers unique ways for individuals to improve their health. Before offering supplements, the company conducts a questionnaire to determine the clients’ health background and their habits. The questionnaire will enable them to provide supplements that met the client’s personalized needs. IDLife also has representatives that guide customers in case of any questions or inquiries

Their products vary from energy supplements, shakes and supplement bars. Their products are original and have a scientifically based research support; this instills confidence in the clients for their products. With its headquarters located in Frisco Texas, the company is among the top five businesses in the vitamin and supplement market nationwide. It generates profit returns ranging from 2- 5 million dollars.

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The Wessex Institute and their planned initiatives

The Wessex Institute of Technology is a higher educational institution offering research help and chances to improve your degree. It was developed by professor Carlos Brebbia in 1986 and also passed the Computational Mechanics Institute which was established in 1981. The main goal for the Wessex Institute of Technology is to conjure up a level of teacher and student knowledge and have the knowledge transported back and forth throughout different strategies. This happens between the student and professor relationship especially within the industry.

The Wessex Institute of Technology has won several awards, including the George Green Medal. George Greens’ vital labor cannot be overwhelmed in a manner where his strategic ways of his functions set the boundaries for halted elements.The Wessex Institute plans a meeting on ocassion on Design and Nature, which has gravitated attention for the published papers from the matters of subject that are discussed and published.

Taking InnovaCare to New Heights – Bright Prospects under Dr. Rick Shinto’s Leadership

InnovaCare has been undergoing major transformations. Notably, it introduced three new individuals in its management team including the new Chief Executive Officer and President, Dr. Richard Shinto. The company has bright prospects ahead, and its future now partly lies in the leadership and expertise of Dr. Rick Shinto.

Education and Career

Dr. Shinto took his studies at the University of California where he earned his B.S. He is also the recipient of a medical degree from the University of New York and an M.B.A. from the University of Redlands. He began his career as a pulmonologist in Southern California, and he has since worked for many companies in different capacities.

Dr. Richard Shinto was previously the CEO and President of Aveta Inc., and his impressive performance during his tenure saw him earn the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Before that, he served as the Chief Medical Officer at NAMM where he also left an impressive track record. Before that, Dr. Shinto was the Chief Operating Officer as well as the Chief Medical Officer for Pathways Management Company. Learn more about Innovacare at Businesswire

A Wealth of Experience and Expertise

Dr. Richard Shinto has worked in the healthcare industry for decades, and he has acquired a lot of knowledge and experience over the years. InnovaCare Health is banking on his experience and expertise to accelerate its growth and success, and the results are already visible.

He is already considered a symbol of change within InnovaCare considering his track-record thus far. The company has been improving since Shinto’s appointment as President and CEO in 2012. He is considered an influential figure within the company, and his passion and dedication have inspired employees to perform their best; he is one of the few leaders that lead by example.

One of the most notable changes in InnovaCare since Dr. Shinto’s appointment is affordability. The company has made it cheaper for Puerto Ricans to access quality healthcare plans, and this has resulted in a growth of its customer base; in fact, over 70% of customers prefer InnovaCare thanks to its affordable care plans. This, coupled with the increased performance and improved appeal, has positioned the company at the top of the market and made it easier to reach even more customers.

However, Dr. Rick Shinto is not stopping there as he has even greater prospects for InnovaCare. Shinto predicts that the company will access more markets soon, and this will further grow its customer base and boost its performance and success. Contact details available at

Roberto Santiago Makes Sure That Everything in his Mall is Working Well

One thing that can frustrate people and send them away from a facility is to find that things are not working as well. This is often a common occurrence in malls and movie theaters as well as other facilities. However, Roberto Santiago has a lot of love and passion for his facility, Manaira Shopping. He is always willing to look at his mall in order to see if there is any error or any piece of equipment that is not working right. Then he has it fixed so that it can work in a good way so that customers will be more comfortable with the facility. Read more about the mall on

The mall has plenty of stores that people can check out. They can also check out the different establishments for entertainment such as movie theaters. The principle applies to these establishments the same as it does to the mall as a whole. For one thing, the stores need to make sure that the lighting is right in the stores so that people can have an easier time finding the type of products that they want in the stores. At the same time, the stores want to bring out a certain vibe for the customers.

The movie theaters and other entertainment venues of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall are also required to make sure that they have everything working right. While the visual portion of the show needs to have the right amount of work, a more important part of the presentation is the audio. It is important for the audio to be properly calibrated so that it can sound perfect to the audience. One thing that could be really frustrating is for the movie to lose a channel of sound at some point. This takes away from the presentation. Fortunately, digital projection has fewer problems in the soundtrack area than film prints.

Roberto Santiago is actually one of the most responsible and diligent people when it comes to his facility. He makes sure that there is nothing that is going to take away from the customer’s experience. After all, the customer has to have a really good experience with the mall in order to continue giving his business to it. Read more articles on Jornal Da Paraiba