Planning Your Next Event

When it comes to planning a party of any kind, you can use one of the many event planning companies in NYC or use a few tips that are offered by Twenty Three Layers. Get organized before the event so that you don’t feel rushed when it comes to decorating, planning the food and getting the invitations ready. Create a list well in advance of the event, even keeping a master list that can easily be adjusted for other special events in the future.

It’s often easiest to create a theme for the event. Make sure your guests know about the theme in case you want people to dress up or if they need to bring a side dish. Themes are fun to plan as you get to look for the foods that will revolve around the event, and you get to find the decorations that will work with the theme. You can email invitations, but it’s a bit more personal to give invitations in person so that guests feel like they are wanted at the event. Send out the invitations a few weeks ahead, and make sure you get a head count on who is coming and who might be coming. Plan the food and drinks for those who might be coming so that you have enough. It’s also best to have a bit more on hand in case someone brings a family member or a significant other.

If there will be all adults at the event, then consider a self-serve bar. Guests can also bring their own drinks that they like. Offer a few games to keep everyone’s attention while taking pictures of everything that goes on at the event.

Twenty Three Layers is among the event planners in NYC that works with companies around the world to deliver the best results. The company helps with events that include birthdays, anniversaries and graduations. It is among the corporate event planners in NYC that will detail everything from the music to the food so that clients can enjoy the event with friends and family.