Securus Technologies Protect Penal Facilities and the Public from Negative Results of Contraband Cell Phones

One of the biggest threats to the security of correctional facilities, a threat that poses a significant danger to the public-at-large, stems from the illicit introduction of contraband cell phones into penal institutions. Securus Technologies is the industry leader in the development of technology designed to prevent the introduction of illicit cell phones into correctional facilities in the first instance. In addition, the Securus Technologies wireless containment systems are designed to root out cell phones that have been illegally brought into a correctional facility in the first instance.


The story of former correctional officer Robert Johnson underscores the importance of keeping cell phones out of correctional facilities in the first instance. While working as a correctional officer, Johnson discovered a box of contraband at the institution where he worked. He estimated that the value of the contraband in the institution would be about $50,000. His interdiction prevented the contraband from getting into the hands of the inmate population.


Johnson’s efforts at finding and preventing the release of the contraband into the inmate population is not the end of the story. An inmate responsible for the contraband had an illicit cell phone in his possession at the institution. Using the illegal cell phone, the inmate was able to arrange for a hit to be placed on Johnson by a cohort of the inmate in the outside world.


Early one morning, the door to Johnson’s residence was kicked in and a man brandishing a gun opened fire on Johnson, hitting him multiple times. Johnson nearly died as a result of the attack, an attempt on his life facilitated by an illegal cell phone in a penal institution. Since the shooting, Johnson has made it one of his life goals to educate people on the importance of keeping cell phones out of correctional facilities and supporting efforts to accomplish that objective.


As mentioned previously, Securus Technologies is the industry leader when it comes to wireless containment technology. Securus Technologies wireless containment solutions have been demonstrated highly effective at identifying and eliminating cell phones from inside correctional institutions.


Securus Technologies has conducted research to underscore how serious the problem of illegal communications using illicit cell phones is at correctional facilities in the United States. Securus Technologies reports that over the course of a one year time period, Securus Technologies wireless containment systems thwarted an astounding 1.7 million illegal communication attempts. These illegal communications attempts detected and prevented by Securus Technologies occurred at eight U.S. correctional facilities.


Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies currently provides an array of services and solutions to 3,450 public safety, law enforcement, and corrections agencies located in North America. Its services and solutions reach 1,200,000 inmates in the United States and Canada.


Securus Technologies and the Fight Against Drugs

Drugs inside of a prison are a deadly combination for all who are behind those prison walls. One inmate who is getting high can potentially put other inmates, prison staff, corrections officers, and visitors all in harm’s way. Me and my fellow officers dedicate a lot of time each day to fighting the war on drugs, and we have developed a number of ways to try to slow down if not stop drugs from winding up in the hands of our inmates.


One thing my team does each day is check the mail for any traces of drugs. Inmates have developed some very creative ways to hide drugs in letters, including coating the paper in the liquid-form drug, so they can eat it after they read it and get the high they are looking for. We even listen very closely to when the inmates are using the phones, to try to identify when they are talking about drugs, giving us the chance to take quick action to try to eliminate any threats.


When we found out that Securus Technologies was working to update our call monitoring system, we knew we would finally be able to get a real hold on this drug problem. The CEO of Securus Technologies and his 1,000 employees are dedicating their time to making the world safe, and with systems in over two-thousand jails, we knew we had something powerful now at our disposal.


We could now allow the LBS software monitor calls while we pursued other areas of the jail for drugs. When the software detected chatter about drugs, we get the alert and are able to spring into action fast. If the inmates talk about using, hiding, or possessing drugs, we are able to isolate the call and take the needed action to make the jail safe.


What I’ve Learned About Securus Technologies Use of Technology

I recently had the opportunity to learn about Securus Technology and how they use their technology to solve as well as prevent crimes. Securus Technology, based in Dallas, Texas, is a provider of criminal and civil justice technology to law enforcement throughout the United States. The company specializes in monitoring, corrections, public safety, and assisting in the investigation of crimes. There has been a sample of redacted letters and emails released about Securus Technologies that I recently went through.

One of the letters went into detail about how the company’s assistance led to a search warrant being issued for a staff member suspected of corruption due to phone calls that Securus Technology provided to investigators. As a result, the suspect was arrested on a charge of introduction of contraband. Another email I read came from a correctional facility who has been relying on the company’s tech solutions for over ten years and praised them for helping to revolutionalize the incarceration environment as well as improve public safety. In other praise of Securus Technology by the corrections community, I saw a user say how because of Securus Technologies they were able to collect information about one of their inmate’s alcohol and drug selling in addition to other crimes.

I found that Securus Technology recently attained a rating of A+ with the Better Business Bureau, their best rating, which was detailed in this article – P475. The company also acquired JPay Inc. two years ago in order to expand their ability to accept electronic payments and prison emails as well as provide educational and entertainment apps to prisoners throughout the United States.

A merrier Christmas to families from Securus Technologies.

The family is a vital part of all humanity. It feels lonely when they are out of your reach especially during the festive seasons. It is frustrating for prisoners who can’t interact with their loved ones. They feel they can’t share the happiness and joy that comes with the season. It is often painful not to share moments like opening gifts, eating together, or seeing them regularly. Fortunately, Securus has strived to come up with a solution for people that experience this.


Securus Technologies is a Dallas – American company that deals in prisoner technology among other services. It offers communication services for the inmates in the correction facilities. They recently introduced the Video Visitation software. It creates memorable moments for inmates that they will live to appreciate for a long time. The video visitation software enables the staff to control the scheduled visits. The tiring long queues in the prisons by the family members are eradicated. I feel this software also allows them to keep in touch throughout the holiday seasons.


In their video titled “Securus Family communication during Christmas,” we see an imprisoned father calling his son. Through the video call, the son can interact with the father and share special moments. He is there for his son and witnesses him opening his Christmas gift. The family bond is preserved during this Christmas season. Children can interact with the parents, and husbands contact their wives. This software allows family members to schedule visits during the available time slots. It enables a secure and safe visitation method. Also, it’s less expensive compared to in-person charges per visit.


I find this software by Securus technologies as highly suitable. I would gladly encourage families with incarcerated members to use it as it would benefit them. It offers great quality video that promotes families to keep in touch. It’s a valuable asset especially during this Christmas season where families share and create memories together. Securus continues to help families and stay true to their motto of connecting what matters. Securus expands its technology day by day. The company has a strong team of technology experts. The team focuses on coming up with solutions for communication and security in correction facilities.