Sahm Adriangi Effort to Start the Kerrisdale Capital Management Company

Sahm Adrangi is the founder and Chief Investment Officer at Kerrisdale Capital Management. He started the company alone in 2009 with $ 1 million, but now it is a $150 million company. He has strived to build the company to the success it holds currently. Kerrisdale Capital Management Company deals with selling and publishing research findings. It shares its research on the website and twitter.

Sahm Adrangi Achievement

The journey to success for Sahm Adrangi has been hard. He first became famous after revealing the corrupt companies in China. He exposed China Education Alliance and China Cast Education corp that was stealing money. He focused on sectors dealing with biotechnology, mining, and telecommunication to expose their weaknesses. Sahm Adrangi is an activist, and a speaker at conferences. Bloomberg interviewed him and featured him in New York Times.

Kerrisdale Negative Report on Proteostasis Therapeutics Inc.

Proteostasis had announced to form a committee comprising experts to develop a global phase 3 development program for cystic fibrosis drug PTI-428. According to Kerrisdale research, Cystic Fibrosis drug was going to be ineffective and eventually fail. The Kerrisdale team believed that Proteostasis had negative data about the drug, but they were hiding the truth from the public.

A negative Report on St Joe Company

St Joe Company which is a real estate company had promised to transform the swampy area near Panama beach city into a business center for retirees. But the investors have been investing in the project for the last fifty years, but there is no tangible investment progress. Kerrisdale capital investment feels assumptions made by St Joe Company are wrong, and why is the project taking so long to start? A lot of question marks raised against the relationship between St Joe and Fairholme Company.

Sahm Adrangi and the Negative Report on Bleak Kodak

Adriangi does not trust Eastman Kodak Company. It is in partnership with WENN Digital Inc. and Appcoin which have a dubious history of fraudulence. He believes that the union will not save the company but fail it completely.

Sahm Adriangi has been a good role model in fighting against atrocities committed by the investors. He has been on the forefront to expose them without fear of favor. Our leader should emulate his stance.

George Soros; Take Back Power from Donald Trump

George Soros was accompanied by his fellow rich and liberal billionaires who were at the top of the notch to support the democratic members of the government vying for election seats. In the end, you would not think that working for business would get you any better than what the government offers you. Whatever you get from the government concerning good governance affects your business work and job adversely. Good governance, as George Soros proudly advocates it in numerous press releases as well as video coverage, is the reason why he was united with the rich liberals to elect Hillary Clinton and other Democrats.George Soros arranged for a meeting with the rich liberals who issued their money to fund the democratic alliance to secure the best posts in the general elections. He also gathered the rich liberals to ensure they develop a plan to take down Donald Trump from power because he stands for what the modern society wants. He is the only person in the arena who does not anticipate better business solutions for those of lower ranks in society.

The people gathered for a three-day meeting at the Washington Hotel to work on another plan to subdue Donald Trump to reshape the modern regime.The conferenced that saw many liberals in attendance was kicked off by Saturday at the Washington-based Mandarian Oriental Hotel right after the general elections were announced. The meeting was to be backed by more members as it progressed from various Democratic unions across the United States to formulate a new plan to set up the Donald Trump rule on fire. While they were on with the allegations, few people knew they wanted such a person in power. George Soros is convinced that the people need more than what they get from Donald trump. In fact, the best president would have been Hillary Clinton. However, he did not anticipate for a worse day that his loss in the general election.

This was the first major meeting since Trump won the United States Election in a major victory. While this election had its side implications, the warfare from the liberal plans against Donald Trump administration would work to enlist a better result in the eyes of many. While many sessions are gearing up for the 2018 post-election fever, others are working to thwart the focus of bad governance coming from the side of Donald Trump.The meeting also came at a time the rich liberals developed a new assessment to the political approach. The Democratic Alliance, on the other hand, formulated a deal to assimilate proper use of state funds that can land Donald Trump in the wrong hands. While Donald Trump remains to be the next President of the United States, he will face many challenges in his governance.

Highland Capital Renews Their Interest in Optimistic Healthcare Industry

If you were paying attention to how investment firms were producing over the span of 2016 then you likely came away with knowledge of Highland Small Cap Equity Fund. This fund is a subsidiary of Highland Capital Management and they performed so admirably in 2016 that all eyes are on them here in 2017. This small cap fund focused on energy stocks throughout 2016 in order to bring a 32% return to all of their investors. This year? CEO James Dondero as well as Chief Investment Officer Michael Gregory are shifting their focus to healthcare and real estate.


Last year we saw that the healthcare industry massively under performed, landing at a -2% growth mark. This under performance will likely change in a big way, as Michael Gregory is about to explain. The reason that Gregory is so optimistic about the healthcare industry this year is that the markets are finally responding to a growing opioid epidemic that is raging all across the United States. The strength of oxycodone and similar drugs, as well as their over prescription, is leading to massive changes within and without the industry. Gregory says, “We might see a tremendous rebound.” The reason being, according to Gregory is, “The insurance companies are starting to do something about it.” This of course means that better, newer, and less addictive drugs can be anticipated to hit the market.


Gregory and James Dondero point to two companies that they see as making a difference in 2017. The first company that James Dondero and Highland Capital Management are focusing on is Collegium Pharmaceutical INC. Collegium is developing a new, less addictive, alternative to oxycodone. The drug goes by the name Xtampza ER and there is growing belief that it will solve addiction issues. The second company that Gregory points to is the Pacira Pharmaceuticals, also known as PCRX. Pacira Pharmaceuticals develops Exparel which is a pain reliever commonly used for soft tissue surgeries and oral operations. Gregory says that Exparal will be a catalyst to growth within the industry once it is approved for usage on knee replacement surgery.