Copa Star is The Best Hospital in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is one of the best places to visit in Brazil. One of the major attractions in the `area is the Olympics which are held here every year. This brings thousands of people from other states and outside Brazil, to this beautiful state. So many people love this state. The only problem that has been there for the longest time is the lack of luxurious healthcare services. If one needed luxurious medical treatment and they were in the area, they would have to fly to Sao Paulo or outside Brazil in order to get premium healthcare services. But not anymore. Today, Rio de Janeiro has its own stately medical facility, Copa Star Hotel… Uhmm, I mean hospital. In fact, people from other states now fly to Rio de Janeiro for luxurious health services, thanks to this five star hospital.

This hospital is like a dream resort, the only difference is that it is a hospital. In fact, if you saw this building from a far, nothing would make you believe that this was not a five-star hotel. The building is modernly designed to have patios that give patients a view of the beautiful Copacabana beach. But then, even the lighting is not something that you would expect of a hospital. Read more at Scoopnest about Copa Star.

The owners of Copa Star believe that a luxurious environment fosters speeded healing. Therefore, they have customized the hospital in such a way that it offers a world-class hotel experience. One of the best practices in the hospital is patient privacy. They have over 105 private suits, each accommodating only one patient at a time. These suits are fitted with everything that a patient would need in order to avoid bumping with other people. They have bathrooms with premium toiletries. Also, they have patios that are well furnished and decorated with expensive works of arts. To maintain patient privacy, the hospital has built patients and doctors’ offices so that they are separate from each other. In each of this rooms, there is an iPad issued to ease communication between patients and their doctors. The iPad can be used by patients when they need doctors to attend to them. The same can be used by doctors to send appointment schedules and test results to their patients. This therefore reduces unnecessary visits to the patients’ rooms.

At Copa Star, the comfort of patients is not just enough. The management also ensure that their visitors feel like guests. They are treated with palatable meals from the on-site five star restaurant. The meals are prepared by Swedish Chefs, and you know that they have got a reputation for being very talented at catering. Visit the site to know more.