Desiree Perez Pushes the Tidal Wave

Desiree Perez is the head of title music streaming service. The Tidal was initially acquired by the rapper and entrepreneur Jay Z. With does the repair is working at the helm of title for the rapper and businessman, streaming service has seen gains in the music tech business.With her business savvy and skill at making deals the streaming service was able to strike up a partnership with Sprint. This was a good move for the music streaming service.They gained all of the customers at sprint as potential streamers of their service. Sprint has an estimated 45 million customers.

The music stream businesswoman also helped JAY Z make an excellent deal with Live Nation for his upcoming tour. The Live Nation tour deal with Jay Z was an astounding $200 million.The sprint deal also helped to make Jay Z’s latest album -4:44- become number one on the Tidal service. Desiree Perez helped to set up special exclusives through Tidal for Jay Z’s upcoming tour. Desiree Perez is also in the case because there are very few women in the music tech business. This is primarily a male dominated field. Her work helps to advance not only title, but she also is a pioneer for women in the music tech and music streaming business.

Streaming is likely the future of music since many businesses are no longer going to sell CDs. Her involvement in the music streaming business will help inspire other women to join into this business as music changes. Desiree Perez has also helped cement Jay Z as an iconic man for the era. He’s done considerably well on his own to cement his icon status with his music and his businesses. Yet with her excellent marketing and deal making skills Jay Z will likely always be a music and rap legend. Desiree Perez is far from over with pushing waves for Tidal music streaming service.