Securus Technologies Protect Penal Facilities and the Public from Negative Results of Contraband Cell Phones

One of the biggest threats to the security of correctional facilities, a threat that poses a significant danger to the public-at-large, stems from the illicit introduction of contraband cell phones into penal institutions. Securus Technologies is the industry leader in the development of technology designed to prevent the introduction of illicit cell phones into correctional facilities in the first instance. In addition, the Securus Technologies wireless containment systems are designed to root out cell phones that have been illegally brought into a correctional facility in the first instance.


The story of former correctional officer Robert Johnson underscores the importance of keeping cell phones out of correctional facilities in the first instance. While working as a correctional officer, Johnson discovered a box of contraband at the institution where he worked. He estimated that the value of the contraband in the institution would be about $50,000. His interdiction prevented the contraband from getting into the hands of the inmate population.


Johnson’s efforts at finding and preventing the release of the contraband into the inmate population is not the end of the story. An inmate responsible for the contraband had an illicit cell phone in his possession at the institution. Using the illegal cell phone, the inmate was able to arrange for a hit to be placed on Johnson by a cohort of the inmate in the outside world.


Early one morning, the door to Johnson’s residence was kicked in and a man brandishing a gun opened fire on Johnson, hitting him multiple times. Johnson nearly died as a result of the attack, an attempt on his life facilitated by an illegal cell phone in a penal institution. Since the shooting, Johnson has made it one of his life goals to educate people on the importance of keeping cell phones out of correctional facilities and supporting efforts to accomplish that objective.


As mentioned previously, Securus Technologies is the industry leader when it comes to wireless containment technology. Securus Technologies wireless containment solutions have been demonstrated highly effective at identifying and eliminating cell phones from inside correctional institutions.


Securus Technologies has conducted research to underscore how serious the problem of illegal communications using illicit cell phones is at correctional facilities in the United States. Securus Technologies reports that over the course of a one year time period, Securus Technologies wireless containment systems thwarted an astounding 1.7 million illegal communication attempts. These illegal communications attempts detected and prevented by Securus Technologies occurred at eight U.S. correctional facilities.


Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies currently provides an array of services and solutions to 3,450 public safety, law enforcement, and corrections agencies located in North America. Its services and solutions reach 1,200,000 inmates in the United States and Canada.