Talk Fusion Uses WebRTC Technology To Revolutionize Email Marketing

Talk Fusion is giving businesses a peek into the future with its WebRTC powered video email. At a time when video conferencing and instant, face-to-face communication is all the rage, Talk Fusion has combined its emerging WebRTC browser-based video calling technology with email to create a dynamic new communication medium. It allows for direct marketing using the company’s video email messaging service. People can send videos across many devices and they can be viewed through an email account. Talk Fusion video email is revolutionizing email and transforming it into something that can be used for live conversations.


Through its marriage of WebRTC technology and email, Talk Fusion is able to offer video calling, group video meetings and video newsletters and forms through its video email technology. It can operates as part of a multi-level marketing program, allowing paying clients to earn commission when they generate sales using the video app. It’s Talk Fusion’s WebRTC technology that powers the video newsletters and emails. With WebRTC people and companies receiving video emails don’t have to have the Talk Fusion apps to play the videos. Any web browser can play the videos and even host live video calls with no need for downloads or plugins.


WebRTC or Real-Time Communication is simply an agreement between the major browser owners allowing them to share common codes that give the public access to their background programming. Talk Fusion accesses video and audio capabilities that are built into the browser and uses it to launch their video calling and other multimedia. You can watch the video message from Talk Fusion instantly and use WebRTC to speak to the person that sent it via a direct video portal. Anyone with basic knowledge of JavaScript can create a WebRTC portal and embed within the text a ‘call now’ link. Don’t know JavaScript? Simply use Appear, Talky or other free professional WebRTC apps.


Talk Fusion is a Brandon, Florida based direct sales company founded in 2007 by CEO Bob Reina. The company offers products for video conferencing, social networking and broadcasting. Talk Fusion is a world leader when it comes to video marketing solutions. The company can change lives and help businesses to grow using their proprietary, patent-pending video technology. Its innovative products are available in over 140 countries through its independent marketing associates. Talk Fusion gives generously to communities in need, charities and animal rescue and support organizations. Learn more: